100% Quality Focused

Thanks for stopping in to learn a bit more about what's under the roof here at Seven Clay! We started as a quality and service focused business, mostly with embroidery at first. We actually had a need for our other ecomm brand and the local shops couldn't handle the quality expectations that we needed, so we took matters into our own hands. 

We strive to be the best in the business at our craft. Our team is made up of a diverse mix of talent and backgrounds with a fearless attitude towards tackling the most extreme projects. Our combination of embroidery, laser engraving, screen printing, sublimation, digital transfers, sewing equipment and more provides the tools internally to find a way to make almost any project. 

So if you're looking for that something special, need something purely custom that isn't elsewhere, or haven't found the quality that you expect with your current shop, hit us up, we're ready to help! 

Brand Vision

Forward Thinking & Customer Focused

We're a small team, right here in the Austin Metro area (Round Rock, Texas), that is not afraid to tackle any project. Our pursuit of quality and being an industry leader is at the heart of each one of our team members. On top of that, if you stop in the shop or call/text/email in you'll likely be quick to find more than one of us jump in to help solve whatever challenging project it is that you have. 

In a strange mix of old school and new school, we answer the telephone here or if we miss you leave a message and we'll call you back. If you email, text, or hit us up through social, it's a real human you're working with on the back end and we'll get back with you there too. 

Meet the Founder

"Sure, we can do that..."

I love to see a good challenge. Whether that's a 700 mile bike race, a 100 mile run, or your next custom project for Seven Clay. We see some crazy projects as a result of this passion for creating things, but it keeps us on our toes and constantly striving to be better! 

As a small business owner I appreciate the struggle of start up through legacy business challenges. Sales and marketing budgets are always a tricky thing, and the difficulty of investing into merchandise that you hope yields an ROI can be challenging. Our focal point is to find that needle in the haystack of merchandise that pairs with your logo and our tuned processes to yield an on target design unique to you.

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