Price and lead time


There are of course many options in terms of hat brands, styles, even some colors cost more than others. But the below price sheet is a good starting point.

Looking for Samples? We build samples "production grade", meaning we build 1 just like we would 1000. First we digitize your logo. Next we stitch at least one (and often scrap 2 to 4 hats) until it's perfect. Then we make the actual hat you ordered. Every logo is unique and requires a mix of programming and craft to dial in a perfect cap.

The sample cost are in two pieces, digitize cost and then the actual sew out. Digitize - $35, one time cost. Sew out - $40 each for 1 to 3 hats, $35 each for 4 to 6, $30 each for 7-11. Production pricing below. 

We do have 2 other options. One is to place an order for production and for a $20 proof cost we can send a pic of the actual sew out for approval before running production. 

Option 2 is free. Just email us your logo and we'll digitally render it on a cap! 


Screen printed t shirts - T's are a bit more complicated in pricing. The first and major step is simply to understand if an underbase is required for your logo. Basically if you have a black shirt, but white or a light colored ink, it will require a base layer of white ink to ensure that your logo pops. Even a pink shirt, or red will often require a base layer of white ink under your logo to ensure no color bleed. We're easy to reach out to, so if this isn't clear just send us your logo and we're happy to help. create@sevenclay.com

Shipping - We ship from our office in Round Rock, Texas. If you're local, come on in to pick up your order. If you want us to ship anywhere in the US that's cool too. We have fair billing rates for shipping. 

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