You have questions, we have answers! 

Curious about where to start with your custom gear? We break down some of the basics below.

Where are you located? 6 Indian Meadows Dr, Suite 400, Round Rock, TX 78665

What is your phone number? 737-253-8521

Do you have a show room and can I see samples? We do! Come on in and see us, monday to friday from 8 to 5. 

What is your order minimum? Technically 1, but we suggest at least 12 hats or t's to start as it's expensive to make production quality in anything less. See some of our prices here. To make a single embroidered hat is $75, a single leather patch hat is $45. Please see our "Price and Lead Time" page for discounted price breaks.

What brand of hat do you carry? We carry hundreds of hat styles. Our most popular are Richardson, Yupoong, Otto, Outdoor Cap, KB Ethos, The Game, Adams, Valucap, New Era, Sport-Tek, Port Authority, Ogio, and Flexfit. Looking for something different? Hit us up, we can find it. 

How can I send my logo? Send to us via our contact page (look up at the header), create@sevenclay.com, or you can send via our social channels.

Do you make hat samples? - We get this question a lot. We're happy to make a sample, but keep in mind we build samples "production grade", meaning we build 1 just like we would 1000 hats. First we digitize your logo for a quality focused product. Then we'll run at least one test sew out to ensure it's perfect which ruins a sample hat, then we'll run it on the actual hat you want which could perform different than the sample test, so we make the adjustments and run again until perfect. Every logo is unique, and perfection usually requires at least 2 to 4 samples to get ready for production.

The sample cost are in two pieces, digitize cost and then the actual sew out. Digitize - $35, one time cost. Sew out - $40 each for 1 to 3 hats, $35 each for 4 to 6, $30 each for 7-11. Production pricing below. 

What file type of logo is acceptable? Vector files are ideal. Most people don't know what that means unless you're a designer, so to explain vector it's simply an infinitely scalable design. Meaning we could shrink it to print on a penny, or enlarge to print on the moon. Common vector files are .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .pdf (Adobe Acrobat), or .svg (scalable vector graphics). If you don't have any of these, send us the highest res image that you have. 

I don't have a logo, do you design? We do! Basic designs start at $40 for a quick edit or something simple. Keep in mind logo designs can take 10 minutes or hundreds of hours, it depends on the scope of the project and your brands goals. Contact us today to learn more, we try to keep all logo design cost as reasonable as possible. 

Hat Style: The most common

5 Panel Trucker: The paneling is simply the amount of fabric pieces sewn together to make the hat. 5 panels is a great mix that has no centerline stitch on your forehead. This is why we love them! Maximum comfort, a great place for your logo, and a classic look.

6 Panel Trucker: These are very popular hats, and once broken in are quite comfortable too. But as noted above, one trade off is the centerline seam which you can feel until it’s broken in, and maybe always! These are classics though, and great hats too.

Beanie: The 8" is the most popular, but if you want a big fuzzy ball on the top, a shorter 6", or the longer 12" let us know! 

Flat Bills are, well, flat!

Curved bills have a curve to them (the classic look). Can you put a curve in a flat bill? Yes, but it generally doesn’t look quite right.

Rear closure for hats

Snapback: Plastic snaps work great, hold up wonderfully, and fit nearly everyone.

Velcro closure: These can be dialed in to micro adjust for the optimum fit. They last a long time too, but if you wash your hat a lot just be sure to close it completely (match the hook to the loop) in the washer so that lint doesn’t fill up the velcro.

Flexfit Fitted: Flexfit essentially has elastic built into the hat design to flex and conform to your head, without a rear closure. 

Fitted, fitted: These are caps designed to within an 1/8" increment. Generally only purchased for individual users, not a brand. 


Oh this one is magic, and is tough to pick since there are so many options! But, we keep stock on the main classics, black, gray, blue, charcoal, and some fun other options. You’ll want to ideally pick a color that doesn’t clash with your logo. 

Embroidery Size

Typical height of embroidery is 2.25" for a curved bill, 2.4" tall for a flat bill, scaled accordingly for width. If on a polo or bag, generally it's between 3 and 4" wide. Logo's very a lot in terms of how a machine interprets and embroiders them. Do you have fine text or super tiny detail in your logo? Consider how big that text will be in relation to being 3" wide. Embroidery machines can do some pretty impressive detail, but the needle and thread size has some limits of course. Not sure on how it will embroider? No problem, just submit your design and we can always make suggestions and help with design edits. create@sevenclay.com 

Will I get a proof before running my order? 

We send a digital proof for approval before running production, and the digital rendering you can make in our customizer should match as well too.

How Long Will My Order Take? 

Typical lead time is 3 weeks for embroidery or screen print. Rush orders are available too. 

Should I pick embroidery or screen-print?

Most common for custom hats, beanies, and polos is embroidery. Screen print is the most common for t-shirts. How are the two different? Embroidery uses a needle and thread to stitch out your logo. Screen printing essentially uses a template of your art to transfer ink to the product. Both look great and the choice is often a personal preference. Embroidery is generally looked at as the more premium option. 

Can I choose multiple product colors in a design to get the combined price break? 

Of course! If you're ordering a custom Richardson 112 snapback for example, you could pick 12 black, 12 orange, and 12 pink to get the 36 piece pricing. 

How many thread colors can I pick?

 Our machines can do up to 15 in one logo so we try to accommodate as best as possible. It's rare that anyone uses over 8 threads in a single logo, so we offer up to that in our standard rate. Additional thread colors are available for a small up charge. Note that we stock a lot of colors, but there are tons to choose from. So if you have a thread that doesn't match perfectly to our inventory we'll gladly order it in at no extra charge, it just may add a few days. 


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